The Radio: A Reminder of Virtue

Virtues are like radio:

  • Just like you may have some key stations you tune into frequently, you may also have some key virtues that you habitually practice more regularly than others – like humility and patience…Right?
  • Just like you may be familiar with only a few local stations, you may also only be familiar with a few key virtues – but you still get by.
  • If you’ve ever used a classic dial tune radio, you’ll have noticed that the more finely tuned your dial is, the clearer the broadcast is received. Well, the more finely tuned we are to being Men of Virtue, the clearer it is for us to recognize the opportunities that lie before us to practice Manly Virtue.
  • Just as we need a good antenna to receive a good signal, we also need good intellects and wills to take in our surroundings and then carry out Manly Virtue in our actions. (I had a car once that lost its antenna. Needless to say, I only got radio fuzz.)
  • And, just as there are many many radio wave frequencies, there are also potentially many many virtues, depending on the precision you apply to make them distinct from one another (for example, accountability is just a specific exercise of honesty, which is just a specific exercise of justice). This last comparison really does make me wonder how many virtues exist. The Catholic Church seems to consistently provide the numbers of two types of virtues. These would be what are known as the three theological virtues and the four cardinal virtues. It is with these theological and cardinal virtues that most Catholic discussions on virtue tend to begin. And it makes sense, because it is from these that the other virtues descend. but more on all of these in time
  • Lastly, virtues practiced merely for the sake of ourselves and our own personal development and personal gain alone, are like the millions of secular radio stations out there blaring secular superficialities (or worse) to the world 24/7. On the other hand, virtues practiced with the Manly and Noble intention of growing ever closer to our Creator, while also drawing us ever closer to the Men we are called to be, are like those radio stations, far and few between, which broadcast the message of Christ’s Gospel to the world. They are inspiring, life-giving, and truth-giving to their listeners. Likewise, a Catholic Man of Virtue is also inspiring, life-giving, and truth-giving to the people around him.

So, maybe when you use a radio, it can be a reminder to you to persevere in your journey towards Manly Holiness!

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~ The Catholic Gentleman's Guide

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