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FamilyWelcome to Catholic Gentleman’s Guide! My name is Matthew. I am a Catholic and I’m proud to be convinced by the truth of the Catholic Faith. I’m also a husband and father of 4 and face the joys and challenges of my current vocation in life. I was raised in a Catholic home and, since my earliest memory, I have loved Jesus and have placed my Faith in Him. I continue to love and cherish my Catholic Faith, but I realize my own need to continue growing in my Faith as a Catholic man. Our modern world can be a challenging place in which to live as a Catholic Man. I know because I feel challenged everyday. I created Catholic Gentleman’s Guide to provide a source of encouragement and Faith formation for Catholic Men in all walks of life as we persevere on our paths of manly holiness!Boys

Other than a Catholic father and husband, what else am I? I am a Canadian prairie dweller and in the winter, you will most often find me with a good ol’ beard. I am a musician, singer, and composer. I enjoy the occasional pipe and have taken a liking to a casual scotch every so often. I am an avid DIYer on anything from home renos, mechanics, technology, and yes, even sewing. I enjoy work that gives me solitude – such as gardening, shoveling snow, painting, or tinkering on small projects. When asked to clean something, I am often too thorough and take way too long … actually, I tend to savor any enjoyable project and I rarely finish within my estimated time-frame. I have a very patient wife. I am a Seton Home Study School Graduate and I have both B.A. (English Major) and B.Ed. Degrees.

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Hopes for my future self include making a better habit of reading and study, taking my family on pilgrimage to Rome, possibly homeschooling our kids, and meeting a generous person who would give me a Tesla (or that Tesla would release a van…). Of course, my biggest hope for my future self is to become a better Man of God. I sure hope Catholic Gentleman’s Guide will help me with this, as I hope it will help you!

God Bless and I hope you enjoy Catholic Gentleman’s Guide!

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