Welcome to the Catholic Gentleman’s Guide!

Catholic Gentleman’s Guide’s mission is to be everything Catholic and everything Man. Its mission is to provide a source of encouragement and Faith formation for Catholic Men who want to make the most of their Manhood for Christ. We can become Men of God, by building up habits of virtue, discernment, and purpose in all our accomplishments each and every day as we direct our lives toward Manly Holiness. This is the mission of Catholic Gentleman’s Guide.

Man looking out over the water

Surely you are a man who has been entrusted with daily tasks and responsibilities. Undoubtedly, you are surrounded by people in your life with whom you relate and interact. Perhaps you engage in the occasional interest, hobby, or pastime. And hopefully living your Catholic Faith is at the top of your life’s priorities. Could it be that you are being called to Manly Holiness in your everyday life?

As this site and ministry continue to take shape, I hope it is a source of guidance and inspiration to you as you make your journey toward Manly Holiness!

Not sure where to begin? Start here and enjoy!