ManHacks: Quick and Clean Condiment Refill

What do you get when you go through a lot of ketchup and you like to be both efficient and resourceful? You get a guy who needs a quick and clean way to fill a condiment bottle!

Sure, you could just go out and buy a new full bottle of ketchup. But there’s a cheaper and more environmental way to have a full ketchup bottle. Cheaper because you can buy it in bulk, often in something like a 2.84L (3.23kg) can or container. And environmental because you are re-using the bottle rather than throwing it out. Yes, you could recycle the bottle each time you empty it, but the resources expended in recycling that bottle still have a greater environmental impact than you refilling it and reusing it several times….before you will inevitably need to recycle it and get a new one. (Currently, we’ve been through several bottles. Most likely, the lid will break, but we’ve also had the plastic bottle de-laminate, so the bottles won’t last forever, so you will still need to buy a full bottle of ketchup on occasion.)

  1. So, when your condiments are starting to run dry, go out and get some bulk refill.
  2. Then, the trick is to open the can and divide the contents up into ziplock bags containing roughly the same volume as your bottle.
  3. Store the bags in your fridge or freezer.
  4. Then, when the time comes and your bottle begins to sputter and choke, grab one of your pre-filled bags.
  5. Gently snip off a small piece of the corner of the bag and hold it like you’re the Cake Boss.
  6. Remove the lid of your bottle and simply and accurately squeeze the bag into the bottle.
  7. And voila! your bottle should soon be full again!

No messes. No dripping. No pouring. No funnels. No waiting. That’s right, in a matter of seconds, you will be tightening up the lid on your filled bottle, only to begin emptying it again on a sizzling burger right off the grill!

If this ManHack helps you, may it remind you to not only be a good steward of your resources, but also of the profound way in which condiments add flavor and delight to eating, much like our Faith and God’s Love does to our lives!

Happy Condiment Refilling and Happy ManHacking!

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