Manhacks: Top Uses for WD40

Every man ought to know that if something isn’t moving, and it should be, then the solution is WD40. Yet, its usefulness isn’t just limited to unseizing things. WD40 is, by far, one of the most versatile products ever made for a man. Here’s a list of some of its greatest uses: Lubrication – for squeaky … Read more

ManHacks: Sharp Axe of Kindness

I was recently packing up for a camping trip and outfitting my camper with a toolbox, gathering all the basic tools I might need (perhaps another ManHack list for another time). I had just nicely sharpened up a small hatchet (also another ManHack for another time) and I thought it might fit nicely in the … Read more

ManHacks: Quick and Clean Condiment Refill

What do you get when you go through a lot of ketchup and you like to be both efficient and resourceful? You get a guy who needs a quick and clean way to fill a condiment bottle! Sure, you could just go out and buy a new full bottle of ketchup. But there’s a cheaper and … Read more

ManHacks: Staple Welding Plastic

With today’s cars, a “fender bender” no longer holds true to its name. Add freezing temperatures to the mix, and plastic bumpers and fenders seem to shatter on impact. I speak from experience (due to Canadian winter roads) that even the slightest contact of your vehicle with anything else can result in what looks like … Read more

ManHacks: Lighting a Rapid Fire

The manly art of knowing how to start a good fire is viewed by many as an essential skill to have in one’s back pocket. It goes without saying that there are not as many ways to light a good fire as there are ways to fail at lighting one. The process of gathering wood, positioning it with … Read more