Apologetics In The Home: An Interview

This is a re-published interview by Canadian Catholic apologist, Matt Nelson from ReasonableCatholic.com. This interview poses a few questions on my own upbringing and Catholic formation, as well as my perspective on apologetics within the home. ReasonableCatholic.com is a highly recommended resource for your personal formation in apologetics. I’ve been looking forward to doing this interview for a … Read more

A Man’s Intellectual Journey to Catholicism

A man’s intellectual journey to Catholicism can be made in three fairly straightforward steps. Accompanied with the clarity of honest reason and the enlightenment of humble faith, the journey to Catholicism not only offers an intellectually satisfying destination, but it offers temporal and eternal contentment without doubt and (at the very least) a sound worldview that is … Read more

For Principle’s Sake…For our Young People’s Sake!

If I had an opportunity to express a perspective of Assisted Suicide from the angle of its impact on young people and our future generations, here’s what I’d have to say: I am a man of deep principles. I believe that the principles we hold to as a society will determine the choices we make … Read more

Faith and Apologetics: Be a Reasonable Catholic

More and more, I’m beginning to discover the importance of Apologetics to the cause of the New Evangelization, thanks in part to the people who surround me. In our day and age, there is no excuse for ignorance of our Faith. There is great need, in our world of sin and skepticism, to be able … Read more