Top 10 Manly Penances for Lent

Alas, Lent is drawing near (and I confess, if you’re like me, you usually find yourself on Ash Wednesday with absolutely no idea how you’re going to make this Lent matter). So here’s a list of 10 great Manly penances to think about doing as you take this moment to prepare for Lent and look forward to exercising the spirit of penance, fasting, and prayer. As to why we make sacrifices in Lent in the first place, check out this article at!

Alright! Here it Goes! (note: the order is largely subjective based on one’s penance tolerance. Feel free to reorganize to suit yourself)

Top 10 Manly Penances for Lent

TEN: Keep your showers to 5 minutes or less, and maybe inch up the cold tap while you’re at it.

NINE: Grow your beard and keep it trimmed at the itchy stage…and then don’t scratch it.

EIGHT: Limit your wardrobe by picking 10 items of clothing to wear and re-wash throughout Lent.

SEVEN: Sleep without a pillow, or choose the lumpiest pillow in the house.

SIX: Take moderate first helpings and then refrain from taking second helpings (unless it would be rude to decline an offer).

FIVE: Sleep on the floor, or if you’re married, put a board over the mattress on your side.

FOUR: Refrain from eating dessert (or maybe just don’t ask for or expect it, and if you’re offered dessert, oblige with gratitude).

THREE: Abstain from your favorite alcoholic beverage, or alcohol in general. Be a man and take tea instead.

TWO: Set your alarm earlier than normal and/or just don’t hit snooze.

ONE: Limit or disable your time spent online (after browsing of course!)

Each of these can be accompanied by a prayerful act of piety – whether it be devoting the extra time gained to prayer or spiritual reading, or placing yourself in solidarity with those who are homeless, hungry, and naked.

Any other Lent ideas? We’d love to read them in the comment section below!

May you have a Blessed Lent!

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~ The Catholic Gentleman's Guide

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