Faith and Apologetics: Be a Reasonable Catholic

More and more, I’m beginning to discover the importance of Apologetics to the cause of the New Evangelization, thanks in part to the people who surround me. In our day and age, there is no excuse for ignorance of our Faith. There is great need, in our world of sin and skepticism, to be able to make a defense of our Faith and plant the seed within people that there is nothing unreasonable about it. It is Manly to grow in holiness through prayer and virtuous action, but it is also Manly to grow in understanding of our Faith and what we believe. That’s why I’d recommend that you subscribe and follow Reasonable Catholic, an outspoken Catholic Blog with an aim to equip you to explain and defend Catholic Christianity with charity and clarity!

While the content on Catholic Gentleman’s Guide will hopefully form and lead you to Manly Holiness, it doesn’t strictly aim to focus on reasoning out the teachings of Catholicism. So to get the most of both worlds, subscribe to! Or follow them on Twitter!

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~ The Catholic Gentleman's Guide

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