10+ Problems with Assisted Suicide

Assisted Suicide is not the solution to anything. There are just too many unspoken problems with Assisted Suicide. And while many of us might be quick to dismiss any arguments against Assisted Suicide, we may actually find that all it takes is a little clear thinking to realize that being in favor of Assisted Suicide … Read more

For Principle’s Sake…For our Young People’s Sake!

If I had an opportunity to express a perspective of Assisted Suicide from the angle of its impact on young people and our future generations, here’s what I’d have to say: I am a man of deep principles. I believe that the principles we hold to as a society will determine the choices we make … Read more

A Catholic Gentleman’s Guide to Voting

If democracy has one advantage over other forms of government, it is that we as Catholic Gentlemen have a small, but significant, part to play in having a say in how our governments should rule and what issues they should be addressing. In fact, voting is one of our essential obligations and responsibilities as Catholic … Read more

Calling Assisted Suicide “Good”

What the world perceives as good is painfully piercing into the very heart of what it means to be human. Another one of these false goods is none other than Assisted Suicide (euthanasia, doctor/physician assisted suicide, mercy killing). In the second installment of this guide series, let us take a brief look at how secular and popular … Read more