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It seems like my wife is always finding some new blog or podcast geared towards Catholic women and Catholic moms, to the point that I probably can no longer count them all on my own ten fingers. Now this is all great, because women can find a lot of affirmation and encouragement to carry out their particular vocations. But it got me to thinking: What is out there for Catholic men? As time goes on, the more and more I am convinced that to rebuild and restore masculinity is to rebuild and restore this failing world. So I’m going to share my top 5 online Catholic Manistries (pun *chuckles*) to make you a better man.

  1. THOSECATHOLICMEN.COM Subscribe to this site, and you’ll get a very great looking and content rich resource. This one does not dominate your inbox, and the email newsletter, Gird Your Loins, is packed with great content and often uplifting and challenging insight. Active on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, I think this ministry is forging the way for many Catholic men. Also worth mentioning is what sounds to be a fantastic program called Exodus, a 90 day journey of freedom from whatever may be enslaving the full purpose of your masculinity. With a variety of contributors from many walks of manly life, from priests to dads, you’re sure to find something that will speak to you! Check them out and subscribe!
  2. CATHOLICGENTLEMAN.NET No, this is not the blog you’re reading right now. To set the record straight, The Catholic Gentleman has been online for a few years longer than ours, although we may have been mistaken for one another from time to time. It’s actually the first Catholic Man site that I came across ever, and if you’re ever searching for something to do with Catholic Masculinity, The Catholic Gentleman is sure to show up in your search results. The feel of this site is definitely classy and is authentic to everything you imagine when you think of Masculine Catholic civility, and the handsome retro photo theme and captions really say it all! Convert, founder, and author, Sam Guzman, comes highly referenced, and I’m glad to call him a brother and friend in Christ. Don’t delay in checking this one out!
  3. THEPORNEFFECT.COM While strictly not targeted at only men, it is targeted at the high, if not full percentage of men who struggle with pornography addiction and temptation. The Porn Effect hits it where it really hurts when it comes to addressing the problem plaguing masculinity and the world. Founder, Matt Fradd, lives and breaths this ministry and is one of the foremost catholic speakers on the topic. With a great lineup of contributors, and content that will shock and disturb, but also inspire and create hope, it’s a source you’ll surely want to check out!
  4. THENEWEMANGELIZATION.COM I have not even begun to explore the potential of this site. It is so packed with resources that you may not know what to do. As it’s name suggests, The New eMANgelization aims the cannon of Vatican II’s New Evangelization directly at men. They have a fantastic article called The Catholic “Man-Crisis” that will enlighten you to the gravity of your own masculinity. Also be sure to check out the resources on their Catholic Man Night and see if you can organize or connect with one where you are! Check it out!
  5. CATHOLICDADSONLINE.ORG This site is the hub of Catholic Dadness. Unfortunately, it currently seems to be at a standstill after first starting to publish content way back in 2007. But just because it may not be recent, doesn’t make it irrelevant. They claim faithfulness to the Church, but as their name suggests, their target is more in the line of fatherhood within the vocation of marriage. Still worth a look!
  6. CATHOLICGENTLEMANSGUIDE.COM For now, I’ll put our own site here at the end of the list. If you haven’t explored our Guide Series’, then do so here. This site was created to be a light and encouragement to Catholic men of all walks of life and to offset, in such a minor way, the evil online that destroys masculinity. I appreciate you for your readership today, and I encourage you to subscribe and receive all the latest posts from yours truly at!

This by no means exhausts the resources out there for Catholic men, as many may exist beyond my knowledge. But for now I wish it was difficult to narrow it down to a list of top ten, rather than be challenged to come up with 5! So here’s where you come in: If you know a good online Catholic resource for men, type it in to the comments below, or contact us by email and we’ll check it out! Brotherhood and Fraternity are two masculine virtues that are necessary for us men if we’re ever going to change the world for Christ. We not only need to bond together in person and in our communities, but the internet is a tool that is enabling us to create a bond of Catholic men that spans the world, and that, my brothers, is a force that can make great change….starting with you and I.

By the way, if you’re on Twitter, consider subscribing to Catholic Men United, to get the latest tweets from a list compiled of Catholic Men’s groups, conferences, and resources!


~ The Catholic Gentleman's Guide

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  1. is focused on encountering Christ through discipleship, fitness, and nutrition by reclaiming authentic manhood. They are also working closely with Those Catholic Men in providing a fitness plan for Exodus.

  2. Courage International has sites on Twitter and Facebook for gay men and women and their loved ones, etc., who would like to stop lives of sin and embrace chastity. Though a Catholic Apostolate, all religions are welcome and there are chapters in different cities. It is growing. @RCCourage. Also Yahoo Groups has a forum for discussions. I have found all of these to be very valuable. And they don’t try to change your orientation, just the way you see yourself as a child of God. Instead of gay, they use SSA (Same Sex Attracted), the reasoning being that your sexuality is not who you are. I had a problem with the latter but am coming to understand. Recommend it highly.

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