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You may be shocked to know, whether you’re Canadian or otherwise, that here in Canada, there is NO law on abortion. That’s right….Since January 28, 1988, unborn Canadian children have absolutely no rights, even to the last moments before birth, and, even worse, no successful bill has ever been passed to even touch the issue politically (such as late term abortion, gender selection, or unborn victim of crime bills), despite the fact that the voices of Pro-life Canadians have not given up.

It is alarming that unborn Canadian Geese have more protection in Canada than unborn Canadians. It is alarming that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms can so easily be interpreted to exclude the person-hood of the unborn. It is alarming that, while abortion always surfaces as a real topic in American politics, you’ll barely hear Canadian Party leaders officially speak on the topic. On the contrary, you’ll have party leaders banning their candidates from being Pro-Life because abortion is a “closed issue” in Canada.

Canadians may be internationally seen as kind, hospitable, generous, and peaceful people. But our weakness is that we’re “progressive” to minority issues (We were among the first countries to legalize same-sex marriage, and just recently assisted suicide) because of the fact that our elected representatives are complacent to standing up for truth and justice. As time has passed, many Canadians have grown complacent too. We’re too politically correct and we’re controlled by the fear that we might offend a person or the minority group he may represent. We seem to stand for everything, and don’t seem to realize that by doing so we actually stand for nothing.

And while my grandparents, parents, and now my generation are still fighting the fight for life in Canada without gaining any ground in the last few decades, it is time to change our tactic, reassess our strategy, and I think that what I’m about to recommend is a new breath of life and hope into the Canadian Pro-Life Movement!

What you need to do right now, is to explore, subscribe, and donate to Right Now, a one of a kind organization that is emerging in a new and exciting niche within the Canadian Pro-Life Movement.

Their objective is simple: We will not see Pro-Life legislation in our country unless we have elected politicians and Pro-Life party platforms to make it happen.

Change of law is not achieved through awareness campaigns, protests, counselling, March for Life rallies, conferences, or selling Pro-Life memberships. All of these works within the Pro-Life movement are critical, as they change hearts, which is important, but they don’t change laws.

That’s why we need the practical mandate of Right Now: Mobilize Canadians who identify at some level or another as Pro-Life to become active agents within the democratic system by nominating and electing Pro-Life politicians.

We have the strategy, the training, the volunteers (you), the social networking, the technology, the growing database, and the organization that can now make this happen in a way it could never happen before. By working with Right Now, we can identify Pro-Life voters, run competitive campaigns, change party policy, and practically find a way to fill our parliament with politicians who will stand up for life issues. And just like that, rights that we all enjoy will begin to be granted to our most vulnerable citizens.

If you’re Canadian, don’t let anyone tell you that you didn’t do more when you could. Join a canvassing team in your area to inform Canadians in a strategic and non-invasive way, on their very doorsteps! Or, have Right Now come and present to your local Pro-Life group. Most of all, inform yourself of the strategy and how our government works, stay on top of Pro-Life bills, and be notified of local elections.

For additional information about these topics within your Manly Catholic Faith, please check out our Catholic Gentleman’s Guides on Abortion and Voting.

Finally, if you haven’t clicked on a link yet in this post, here’s the final one: Check out Right Now at

With Right Now, you can bring the front lines of the fight to your battlefield!

~ The Catholic Gentleman's Guide

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  1. Thanks Matthew for the shout-out! We look forward to working with pro-lifers towards electoral successes over the coming years as we introduce and pass legislation to protect life in all its stages!

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