Man Talk: Deacon Harold

There are two titles that we hold up high for all the world to see: Catholic and Man. Living up to these two titles is no easy task (aside from the grace of God). And sometimes it is a daunting task to be both Catholic and Man to their fullest potential. For most of us, if not all of us, living up to that Catholic Man that we are called by God to be is something that we fall short of, in both big ways and little ways. So what are the things holding us back from being the Men we were created to be?

I’m sharing a great video I came across from the Charlotte Catholic Men’s Conference of 2014, featuring Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers. If you’re at all curious about where to start or continue your journey toward Manly Holiness, then this dynamic and powerful talk may speak to you! Thank you to Dan Trapini for posting this on YouTube.

So now, find some silence. Make some time for yourself. Sit in your man chair. Grab your pipe and your drink of choice. Put up your feet, and click “play.” (Advisory – This is a Man talk that deals with mature topics. Use your judgement and discretion if children are present. Headphones may be a good consideration.)

Remember, everyone here at Catholic Gentleman’s Guide has your back. We hope you have our back too! We’re all in this journey toward Manly Holiness together!

For more on Deacon Harold, visit his website at

~ The Catholic Gentleman's Guide

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