See the Future with Prudence

Prudence is one of the four Cardinal Virtues. If you read the last post in this series, you’d remember that Cardinal Virtues are known as Hinge Virtues because all other human and moral virtues pivot upon them. This means that if we want to be growing in virtue as Catholic Gentlemen, we’d better understand the four Cardinal Virtues so … Read more

10+ Problems with Assisted Suicide

Assisted Suicide is not the solution to anything. There are just too many unspoken problems with Assisted Suicide. And while many of us might be quick to dismiss any arguments against Assisted Suicide, we may actually find that all it takes is a little clear thinking to realize that being in favor of Assisted Suicide … Read more

Calling the Redefinition of Marriage “Good”

What the world perceives as good is threatening to crumble the very foundation of our society and what it means to be created male and female. One of these false goods is the idea that the Redefinition of Marriage is something good. In this guide series installment, let us look at how our culture is embracing this idea as something good, when in fact it is … Read more

24 Rules on How to Be a Gentleman – Catholicized Part 2

…Continued. Know how to have a good time and to make time for leisure, so long as it is not degrading to yourself or others. (It fits in well here to advise exercising control over alcohol consumption. The gentleman with true strength and manliness is not the one who can drink the most before he is drunk, but … Read more

24 Rules on How to Be a Gentleman – Catholicized Part 1

Have a signature go-to drink that you can enjoy with your fellows at home, or at the local pub. (This means nothing complicated. I suggest Scotch. Wine is classy too.) Keep away from all negative social media activities, because gentleman just don’t engage in things like Twitter fights or negative-aggressive Facebook statuses. It’s just not classy (unless … Read more