24 Rules on How to Be a Gentleman – Catholicized Part 1

  1. Have a signature go-to drink that you can enjoy with your fellows at home, or at the local pub. (This means nothing complicated. I suggest Scotch. Wine is classy too.)

  2. Keep away from all negative social media activities, because gentleman just don’t engage in things like Twitter fights or negative-aggressive Facebook statuses. It’s just not classy (unless it is evangelization done charitably).

  3. Hold doors open for everyone, especially for your wife or prospective wife,  because that’s just a nice thing that you do to honor the dignity of other human beings.

  4. Always text back promptly at the next prudent and appropriate moment. One of the worst things you can possibly do to someone is leave them hanging so they can torture themselves with worst case scenarios. (Better yet, substitute the cell phone for a classy pocket-watch and interact with people face-to-face.)

  5. Own and be able to sufficiently rock at least one suit. Suits are the greatest untapped resource that most men have access to, for they can transform anyone into instant dapper presentability. You owe it to yourself to know your way around a suit, plus they are great to wear on a Sunday.

  6. Master a good handshake, so that you are neither depositing your limp rubber chicken on someone else’s palm, nor crushing them with your Samson-like force. (Practice at the Sign of Peace and accompany it with sincere eye contact. See Rule 12.)

  7. Never hold to the opinion, under any circumstances, that a cat call should be considered an appropriate course of action. Do, though, make sure the ladies in your life know that they are beautiful daughters of the King.

  8. Do not be afraid of accessorizing, because a pair of nice shoes or a classy watch look really great with your suit. Just be prepared to tithe.

  9. It is a non-negotiable that you not put others down in order to elevate yourself, for it reeks of pride and creates a vacuum for humility.

  10. Call both of your mothers regularly. For the first, all it takes is a Rosary or a prayer. For the other, just grab the phone – come on, you know the number! These lovely ladies are looking out for you more than you know.

  11. Know how to cook at least a few good meals, because:
    a) although you may have (or dream to have) a wife to do most of the cooking, your husband and fatherly duties will call. Just you wait.
    b) there are not many more things sexier than a Catholic Gentleman who can cook (besides a Catholic Gentleman who is good with kids and babies).
    c) you might be called to feed yourself (AKA vocation to celibacy).

  12. Fine tune the art of making good eye contact. Let your gaze be selfless, sincere, attentive, filled with joy and charity, and reflective of your purity of heart. Avoid being creepy and bulgy like some sort of amphibian.

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This list is a Catholicized adaptation of the original secular article “23 Rules On How to Be A Gentleman” from the folks at Gentlemankey.com. Let us pray that our secular brothers may come to know the fullness of truth, especially as it applies to the dignity of women and an aversion to lust and immorality. Our true purpose is to become Catholic Gentlemen … and saints!

~ The Catholic Gentleman's Guide

One thought on “24 Rules on How to Be a Gentleman – Catholicized Part 1

  1. I like the comment about knowing a few recipes. I learned these past few weeks soupe a l’oignon, ratatouille, tomatoes farcies, and stuffed peppers.

    BOOM! #lovebeingamanwholovestocook

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