ManHacks: Makeshift Bottle Bobber

Not too long ago, I was out fishing. After a while, I thought it would be really nice to rig up a bobber and just sit back for a bit. In that instant, I realized that I did not have a bobber. Immediately, I tried to solve this problem. If I could just rig up something that floats… That’s when I saw a half empty plastic bottle discarded in the reeds by some previous fisherman (who obviously hadn’t read Laudato Si). Bottles float. They can also be easily attached to fishing line by removing the cap, coiling the line around the threads a few times, and then screwing the cap back on. Bingo. Problem solved!

A few additional things to keep in mind – Remove the label to avoid it coming off out on the water. Also add a bit of water to the bottle and watch your casting distance increase exponentially. Finally, if you’d like to make a permanent bottle bobber, but don’t need all 500ml’s, then cut a chunk of the middle out of the bottle and slide the top and bottom pieces back together.

Happy Bobbing and Happy ManHacking!

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