Toronto Maple Leafs: Hope Lives Here – Part 1

I wasn’t born into a hockey family. (I know, I’m Canadian. It’s supposed to be in my blood, Eh?) It wasn’t until about grade 6 that I began taking an interest in hockey. Naturally, my favorite team became the Toronto Maple Leafs. And from the young age of 10 or 11, I began to really … Read more

Faith and Apologetics: Be a Reasonable Catholic

More and more, I’m beginning to discover the importance of Apologetics to the cause of the New Evangelization, thanks in part to the people who surround me. In our day and age, there is no excuse for ignorance of our Faith. There is great need, in our world of sin and skepticism, to be able … Read more

The Childhood Dream of a Catholic Beard

Maybe Beards aren’t your thing. But after some amazing insight this past week, I believe I have incredible evidence that Beards are built into our very nature as Men, whether we know it or not – from a very young age no less! So whether you’re a seasoned Beardman, someone who would like to be … Read more

Faith, The “Catholic” in Catholic Gentleman

Faith. You might as well take the “Catholic” out of Catholic Gentleman if you don’t have it. Faith is another one of those three theological virtues. You’ll often hear this to mean that the theological virtues are called such because they have God for their object. This means that if there was no God, there’d be no Faith either. On … Read more

Man Talk: Deacon Harold

There are two titles that we hold up high for all the world to see: Catholic and Man. Living up to these two titles is no easy task (aside from the grace of God). And sometimes it is a daunting task to be both Catholic and Man to their fullest potential. For most of us, if not all of … Read more