Why Remain a “Catholic” Gentleman…

A Catholic Gentleman must always have a good reason for everything he does. And when it comes to seeking the reasons for the core of his identity as a Catholic and son of the God of the Universe, the list of reasons is so immense it could be a volume set of books. It is quite possible that I couldn’t write enough in my lifetime, so I’ll let you in on three significant reasons why I will remain Catholic.

  1. Catholicism is true in its teaching, its message, and its mission. I would find it impossible to follow anything that wasn’t true. Truth must be sought and is found in its fullness in Catholicism. I love the line in The Passion of the Christ where Pontius Pilate asks his wife Claudia, “What is truth?” to which she replies, “If you will not hear the truth, no one can tell you.” No one can follow the truth for us, we must seek it ourselves, and for many of us, the treasure that is unveiled is Catholicism.
  2. The reason for leaving the Catholic Church because of some bad Catholics does not outweigh the reason to stay because of all the Great Catholics! Take all of historical humanity’s greatest minds, artists, composers, musicians, scientists, writers, leaders, Saints, and inspirations, and you’ll have a room with unbelievable Catholic representation. If humanity’s best, happiest, and holiest folks were Catholic, then I’m confident to follow in their footsteps. The Catholic Faith is tried and true, as 2000 years can attest.
  3. Catholicism stands apart because it calls us into a way of life that is radically different than all other walks of life. It calls us and empowers us through the abundant grace of the Father to rise above our fallen nature. Being Catholic is not easy. It requires us to renounce sin and choose the difficult path of virtue. Christ said that the way to eternal life is narrow and hard, and Catholicism is all that. We are living in times where the Church’s moral and social teachings are being challenged from every angle. Even though it is difficult and challenging, I will stick with Catholicism because it is the side that stays consistent in applying the principles of Christ’s teachings under the direction of the Holy Spirit through the teaching authority of the Church. In its stance on all the tough issues today (divorce, abortion, euthanasia, contraception, homosexuality, pornography, non-marital sex to name a few) no other religion has been as consistent, loyal, and true to objective truth, especially in modern times, as the Catholic Church. Hers is a counter cultural message because of the fact that it is hard to swallow (as it was in Christ’s time too Jn 6:66), and I’m not about to ignore my conscience and douse my pride just for an easier ride and a life where sin supposedly doesn’t exist.

As a sidenote, I truly hope that one day Catholics and all of my fellow Christians will be united in Christ’s one Church, so that the term ‘Christian’ is not divided into denominations, but united into Christ’s one body. Imagine one united holy universal and apostolic Church in our world and the focus it could exert in spreading the Gospel in clarity and love!

In conclusion, if you’re a Catholic Gentleman, find your reasons for being so. If you’re reading these words as a doubting Catholic, stay. If you’ve left, come home. If you’re Protestant, seek the truth with humility. And if you’re non-Christian, then I urge you to open your heart to the possibility that Catholicism is more than you might think it is.

This post is my contribution (among many) to this movement (click here) ofCatholic writers to post on “Why I Remain Catholic”, and to share these posts on the Internet and social media!


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~ The Catholic Gentleman's Guide

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