He’s a Catholic Gentleman When…

Perhaps you’ve seen the post You Know You’re a Catholic Gentleman When…, in which our readers (aspiring Catholic Gentlemen) have been slowly, but surely, contributing their comments on the provided statement! Even though the target audience for our content is for Catholic Gentlemen, a considerable number of our followers and supporters on this site and on our social media outlets are women. So, my dear and wonderful ladies, we’d like to make a guide post just for you and we hope that you’ll be able to contribute your wisdom!

We’d like to invite you (ladies only) to post your comments below in response to the following statement. Whether your words are witty, clever, serious, profound, specific, or general, we’d like to hear what you have to say. (And men, this is a perfect opportunity for you to take some pointers on what a Catholic Gentleman is from the outside looking in.)

How do you recognize a Catholic Gentleman? What do you see and what do you look for? How does a Catholic Gentlemen respond to specific situations? What are characteristics of a Catholic Gentleman? What do you expect of a Catholic Gentleman? In short Ladies, how would you answer this: You know he’s a Catholic Gentleman when…

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7 thoughts on “He’s a Catholic Gentleman When…

  1. …he isn’t afraid to defend Life
    …he lovingly keeps you accountable when it comes to Confession and goes in right after you

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