Top 5 Catholic Man Blogs

It seems like my wife is always finding some new blog or podcast geared towards Catholic women and Catholic moms, to the point that I probably can no longer count them all on my own ten fingers. Now this is all great, because women can find a lot of affirmation and encouragement to carry out … Read more

Apologetics In The Home: An Interview

This is a re-published interview by Canadian Catholic apologist, Matt Nelson from This interview poses a few questions on my own upbringing and Catholic formation, as well as my perspective on apologetics within the home. is a highly recommended resource for your personal formation in apologetics. I’ve been looking forward to doing this interview for a … Read more

A Man’s Intellectual Journey to Catholicism

A man’s intellectual journey to Catholicism can be made in three fairly straightforward steps. Accompanied with the clarity of honest reason and the enlightenment of humble faith, the journey to Catholicism not only offers an intellectually satisfying destination, but it offers temporal and eternal contentment without doubt and (at the very least) a sound worldview that is … Read more

Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity

Satan is real and, since the very beginning, has been out to disfigure and pervert the original beauty of God’s creation. Undeniably, human sexuality is under attack from every possible angle – sparing few victims. If you’re a man and you’ve never heard this candid and unequivocal talk by Christopher West, then you’re missing out on … Read more

Fatherhood Food for Thought

In a 5 video series on Fatherhood, Michael Voris of takes a look at the issue of masculinity and Fatherhood. While I hesitate to recommend Voris, his commentary on Fatherhood does contain a lot of food for thought and is delivered in a manner that is blunt and direct. I am in agreement that Fatherhood … Read more