24 Rules on How to Be a Gentleman – Catholicized Part 2

…Continued. Know how to have a good time and to make time for leisure, so long as it is not degrading to yourself or others. (It fits in well here to advise exercising control over alcohol consumption. The gentleman with true strength and manliness is not the one who can drink the most before he is drunk, but … Read more

White and Gold or Blue and Black?

I don’t have a huge interest in dresses, but the recent viral sensation got me thinking. And while I am fascinated by the physics and biology of it all, I am more enthralled by the faith and spiritual connections it brought to mind. You see, what I think of when I hear White and Gold … Read more

24 Rules on How to Be a Gentleman – Catholicized Part 1

Have a signature go-to drink that you can enjoy with your fellows at home, or at the local pub. (This means nothing complicated. I suggest Scotch. Wine is classy too.) Keep away from all negative social media activities, because gentleman just don’t engage in things like Twitter fights or negative-aggressive Facebook statuses. It’s just not classy (unless … Read more

Three Things I’d Like to Tell Christian Grey

Christian Grey - Fifty Shades of Grey - Universal 2015

You are the epitome of our world’s twisted view of sex, sexuality, and manliness. You have been duped for a fake version of what sexual relationships are all about. You have fallen for the lie that you have control, but you’re living a fantasy in more ways than in your sexual desires. You think you’re … Read more

The Childhood Dream of a Catholic Beard

Maybe Beards aren’t your thing. But after some amazing insight this past week, I believe I have incredible evidence that Beards are built into our very nature as Men, whether we know it or not – from a very young age no less! So whether you’re a seasoned Beardman, someone who would like to be … Read more