ManHacks: Steak Doneness Guide

catholic gentleman manly steak doneness guide rare medium well finger test

It seems everyone knows how they want their steak. The only problem is, I can’t guarantee that it’ll turn out that way when I’m in charge of the BBQ. If you’re like me, you seem to end up at two extremes: too rare, or too well done. More often than not, erring on the side of … Read more

ManHacks: Makeshift Bottle Bobber

Not too long ago, I was out fishing. After a while, I thought it would be really nice to rig up a bobber and just sit back for a bit. In that instant, I realized that I did not have a bobber. Immediately, I tried to solve this problem. If I could just rig up … Read more

Manly LifeHacks – ManHacks

The original meaning of “hack” as a verb (to cut with rough or heavy blows) goes right back to the primordial roots of manhood and survival. Let’s go all the way back to the first man – we will call him Adam – and as the story goes, he has just committed THE original sin and … Read more