A Catholic Gentleman: God’s Faithful Steward

A huge buzz word in the Church today is “Stewardship.” Too often, this word is reduced to simply the use of one’s money or talents within the Church – such as being a musician at Sunday Mass or putting money in the collection basket. Indeed, Stewardship is so much more expansive – and yet it … Read more

Why Remain a “Catholic” Gentleman…

A Catholic Gentleman must always have a good reason for everything he does. And when it comes to seeking the reasons for the core of his identity as a Catholic and son of the God of the Universe, the list of reasons is so immense it could be a volume set of books. It is … Read more

He’s a Catholic Gentleman When…

Perhaps you’ve seen the post You Know You’re a Catholic Gentleman When…, in which our readers (aspiring Catholic Gentlemen) have been slowly, but surely, contributing their comments on the provided statement! Even though the target audience for our content is for Catholic Gentlemen, a considerable number of our followers and supporters on this site and on … Read more

Calling the Redefinition of Marriage “Good”

What the world perceives as good is threatening to crumble the very foundation of our society and what it means to be created male and female. One of these false goods is the idea that the Redefinition of Marriage is something good. In this guide series installment, let us look at how our culture is embracing this idea as something good, when in fact it is … Read more

Calling Homosexuality “Good”

What the world perceives as good is painfully piercing into the very heart of our society and culture. One of these false goods is none other than Homosexuality. In our next installment of this guide series, let us take a brief look at how secular and popular culture have twisted morality upside down, where the push is coming from … Read more